Still about Writing in English Workshop yesterday.. now i’ll try to practice it while explaining about the next tips from Paul Goddard. After asking about “Why?”, the next stept is asking about “Who?”

“Who is your audience?”

It is important to understand your audience then you can customize how you’ll tell the stories, how you can connect with them. Paul gave an example with asking some members of the workshop with a question “How is your day?” but as if he is different people. What if he was your boss, your husband, your little son, your collague, etc. Of cours we should answer the question with different way. If your boss asking the question, you can answer that everything is going fine, coz that’s what he wanna hear from you, right? hehehe.. But if your husband or boyfriend asked about it, you can answer honestly, that you have a bad day or you don’t like your job 😀

The next trick is “Write to express, not impress!”

The most important thing in writing is to connect with your audience. Sometimes you can only use standard vocab and grammar because your audience is not a native. Then, you should speak with confidence and well prepared. The final one is asking yourself “why would they be interested in this?”.

After finish your first draft, you should polish your work. Read it again, check the grammar and facts, tidy up the language and remove anything not relevant. OK, i think that’s all i can share in this blog about writing in english.

If you wanna be a good writer, the key is PRACTICE…PRACTICE… PRACTICE..

coz practice make perfect, right? 😉

WHO are they?

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